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Upgrade your workout with CorSync

BOOST Your Workout Routine

Most workouts burn calories for only 2-3 hours after the session is completed. Our real time heart rate monitoring system will help us make immediate intelligent decisions to help you reach your goals faster. It allows us to make our EPOC workouts more efficient and helps you burn calories up to 36 hours after the session is completed. Set goals for your active minutes and track them in an app on your phone.

Burn more calories
Track your heartrate
Get faster results

Workout Smarter, not Harder

Set and track workout goals based on your body and fitness level. Work with your trainer to determine what kind of workouts will give you the most benefit, and see, in real time, what your body is doing during those workouts. See if you are working too hard or are on-target to reach your goals.

Set Smart Goals & Keep Them

Before each LIVE workout, see customized workout goals based on the class duration. Maximize your calorie burn by hitting your active zones for the right amount of time. See your progress on your personal device.

Destroy Your Workouts at the Gym
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